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  • 11th November
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~ Fall/Winter in London Town -Week 1

Hey all!!!

~ Just wanted to wish you some warm greetings from my new current location! In London for a good amount of weeks and loving it thus far. A little pricey but well worth it!. Took a trip to Espana (Spain) this past weekend and may have gained an extra pound or two with all of the amazing food there!!!lol Especially the one and only Paella dish ;-D My favorite part of Spain was listening to a Flamenco guitarist at Gaudi Park in Barcelona with the sun as bright as ever!  Currently checking out the scene in Camden town strolling down the markets while listening to some Ben L’ Oncle Soul on my ipod nano. Will post up some cool pics of my adventures soon. Until then wishing all of u an amazing week. Stay warm wherever you are!!! Love, Natalie O.